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Abbers. Freaks. Mutts. All smack-downs for Altereds– people with genetic mutations that give powers no Normal human had. The types of abilities were endless.

Fifteen-year old Corey Tajos is a healer. Pretty low-key for an Altered, but everybody knows someone who's heard about a splashier ability. A shifter. A winger. An elemental.


Polite folks call them Altereds.


The average person ignores their existence.


The worst are bounty hunters, the boogie man of every Altered. Bounty hunters kidnap Altereds, take them away, sell them and then…nobody knows for sure what happens once they disappear, but the stories are stomach-curdling. Torture. Experiments to extract abilities and transfer them to Normals.

Bounty hunters are monsters, but so's Corey's father. After one explosive night, Corey chances everything and runs to Harrington House and finds a new family of Altereds like him. He is finally safe. 

Until his father returns.

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